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Dr Tlou helps organizations in the design and implementation of employee wellness programmes. The programmes include both preventative and remedial (Employee Assistance Programme) interventions. The former include the presentation of health promotion programmes to raise awareness of important health and life-style issues, wellness surveys and management consulting and support.

Remedial interventions (EAP) include individual counselling/psychotherapy for employees, facilitation of groups, psycho-educational workshops on topical issues, trauma counselling and crisis intervention. Confidential reports are compiled on each employee for human resource records purposes. Consultation-liaison services with allied health professions (general medicine, psychiatry, dietetics, occupational therapy, biokinetics) are offered where indicated. The service includes the compilation of statistics that can be used to analyse wellness trends in the organization as well as human resource data that could be useful for quarterly and annual reporting.

The impact of HIV/AIDS on the workplace is well-documented. It is essential for every employer to develop a HIV/AIDS management strategy to manage complex issues that HIV/AIDS presents to the workplace. Organisations are assisted with the development of policies to address HIV/AIDS-related issues such as chronic absenteeism, succession planning, disease management and disability. For his doctoral research Dr Tlou designed a group-based intervention model that is used for HIV/AIDS health promotion.

Working people at all levels of organizational functioning require the wisdom and knowledge to enhance their creativity, growth and potential. It does happen at times that a person presents for psychotherapy but, on assessment, it emerges that they are well-functioning and without any adjustment or interpersonal problems. They only need self-exploration, self-knowledge, professional development or improved self management. Such people are not sick in the sense of requiring psychotherapy but their quest for self-development can benefit from the facilitative services of a psychologist. That is where coaching comes in.

Coaching is a process that facilitates growth and development and has its roots in humanistic psychology – the work of Carl Rogers and, later, Abraham Maslow – with its focus on facilitating growth and potential in people. While the focus on psychotherapy is on internal issues and past experiences, coaching focuses on external issues in a person’s life and “action plans”. The advantage of being coached by a qualified psychologist is that should intrapersonal issues emerge during the coaching process, they can be addressed without inflicting damage.

It is common in the crime-ridden South African society for employees to experience psychological problems related to exposure to violence in our society. In addition, incidents of workplace violence are on the increase. Trauma debriefing services are available to equip employees with the skills to cope with psychological trauma. The services are provided individually and in groups.

Successful organizations thrive on mature and effective work teams. Work teams, like all human encounters, do experience difficulties that may compromise their cohesion and, therefore, the well-being of individual members. Teambuilding exercises are essential to enhance the morale and cohesion of teams to maintain their effectiveness. Dr Tlou has the facilitation skills to assist work teams to form cohesion and overcome developmental hurdles. Group facilitation is also performed for various developmental purposes and problem resolution.