Consultative & Therapeutic Services

The prescribed fees are applicable to individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. Medical aid tariffs are no longer determined by government, therefore there have been no guidelines since 2010. The practice will claim the full amount from the medical aid. The client will be liable for amounts not paid by the medical aid. Medical aid clients will be requested to complete a debit order mandate form authorising the practice’s claims administrators (V Professional Services) to recover any amounts not paid by medical aids. Discounted rates will be charged only to clients paying cash or swiping a debit/credit card. Cash clients qualify for a 50% discount for every 5th session. An additional cash surcharge of R300 is charged for emergency sessions after hours (that is outside the practice hours, for example a special arrangement on a Saturday or a holiday) and for consultations away from the practice premises.



A modifier is a percentage fee that is charged in addition to the prescribed fee when the following conditions are met:

  • In an emergency such as an urgent after hours consultation.
  • Treatment rendered to an in-patient in a hospital, nursing home or client’s premises.


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